Hello, my name is Rolane Grinnell. I wanted to share a little bit about our family and company. Pet Partners Worldwide is a family-owned company located in Cedar City, Utah consisting of myself, my wife Stacey, and our partners Rick and Leslee Anderson, all of our kids, and of course the family best friend, Isabella our beloved Shih Tzu. Because we are family-owned, we bring family values to the table and consider all of our business partners to be family. We like to say family first!

Our Story

I used to own a mortgage company with satellite offices, which had me traveling a lot. Like many proud pet owners, I loved to bring my two Shih Tzus, Party and Isabelle to work with me.

While you are traveling you with your pets, you want them to be as comfortable and taken care of as you are. I would pack their food in little Tupperware containers, but it would always find a way of spilling and their water would become boiling hot left in the car’s cupholder. There was a definite problem.

The Problem

We’re sure pet owners can relate – to me having to pull up the mats and vacuum the dog food out of the car before it would get stuck in crevices or sun baked. Dealing with this never-ending battle, I envisioned a travel pet feeder that could open up, let my dogs eat and drink out of, close the lid and go. The concept would have to be self-contained, spill-proof, and it would be convenient, secure and fashionable. But most of all, it had to provide all of the basic necessities for dogs on the go.

The Solution

One day, I was looking at a tin lunch pail and that’s when the light bulb went off. I thought it would be awesome if I could make a similar lunch pail for pets. So, I approached my long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur, Rick Anderson about his idea. The pair set off to launch Pet Partners Worldwide and their flagship product, “My Pet Pail” was born.

Through our passion for animals, shared business acumen, and strong entrepreneurial drive, we are revolutionizing the travel pet care industry with their innovative products and designs.

Thank you for all your support and always feel free to email me directly at



Rolane Grinnell

My Pet Pail Pet Essentials on the Go!
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