That was easy right?

Almost there, hang tight…

There is still NO CATCH, we promise. No strings attached, we just want to send you a free My Pet Pail Leash and Collar Set, and introduce ourselves to you as fellow pet lovers. Now, do we want you to look at our other products we KNOW you’d love for yourself or fellow pet lovers? Of course! You got us, that’s our hidden and top secret agenda. We covertly want you to look at our fabulous product, and trick you into buying simply the most wonderful travel and home pet feeder you have ever seen. Sorry. Not sorry!

So, please (pretty please) have a look at this great invention below…if it’s not your thing, or you’re just here for the free swag, that’s cool just click the button below to claim your gift, pay a small shipping fee (no handling, just the cost for UPS ground) and you’re done.  But if you want to look around at our My Pet Pail product, you can always come back here and get your free My Pet Pail Leash Set.

NOTE:  Free giveaway is for the GREEN set only.  Coupon code will ONLY work on that set!

Simply write down the code below (we’ll wait), then click the button below to go to our store and add the My Pet Pail Leash and Collar Set (Green) to your cart, use the coupon code, and profit.


My Pet Pail Pet Essentials on the Go!
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