Hunting Dogs - My Pet PailThe practice of duck hunting can be dated back to prehistoric times. While obviously our methods have changed in that time it is still a time-honored tradition the world over. Dogs have been used to assist duck hunters since the 18th century and have become an integral part of the hunt.

How do you choose the right dog for duck hunting? The most popular breads include Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Flat-Coat Retrievers, and Spaniels. These dogs all require plenty of food and water to maintain their health. It’s important to remember dogs, just like humans, have limitations. The Pet Pail will help you keep your dog properly hydrated and fed; this is especially important for long days on the hunt for Drakes and Hens.

Duck hunting and dogs go hand in hand. While you’re spending your day at the marsh with your furry companion you won’t have time to drudge back and forth for his water and food needs. My Pet Pail is the perfect addition to any duck hunting trip. It’s easy to carry and has everything your hunting buddy needs for the day. My Pet Pail has a sturdy construction and is conveniently paired with a collar and leash that act dually as straps for easy portability. Other dog bowls are just that, they are cumbersome and bulky and require additional means to transport food and water.

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