My Pet Pail® | All in One Travel Dog Bowl | Orange & Black

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My Pet Pail Description | Travel Dog Bowl

  • Spill Proof Dog Bowls – My Pet Pail features 2 pairs (4 total) of sealable dog bowls that allow a variety of sized pets to feed comfortably. It is the ultimate travel dog bowl for short and long trips away from home.
  • Dog Food Storage Container – Our product holds up to 10 cups of food and 60 oz. of water, plus room for toys and treats! The lid can hold several cans of pre-packaged or raw food for your dog.
  • Elevated Dog Bowls with Stand – My Pet Pail is the perfect travel companion for your next road trip. Its elevated dog bowl stand makes it spill resistant while you’re on the go. My Pet Pail’s lid is also removable for easy conversion into an at-home elevated dog bowl
  • Bonus Features –A built-in doggy bag dispenser and additional dog collar and leash set (which doubles as a shoulder strap and handle) really take this product the extra mile.
  • Money-back Guarantee – Here at Pet Partners Worldwide we want you to get the high-quality products you deserve. That’s why we offer all our customers a 180-day money-back guarantee on all products.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Here at PET PARTNERS we want you to get the high-quality products you deserve. That’s why we offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all products!

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Technical Specs 

 Heat Resistant  285ºF
 Weight  4Lb 2oz Empty
 Outer Shell  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Rubber Edges  BPA Free TPE
 Interior Shell Upper  BPA Free Food Grade Polypropylene
 Lower Bowls  BPA Free Food Grade Polypropylene
 Removable Bowls  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Bottles and Caps  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Spife and Clips  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Fits up To  10 cups of Food
60 oz of Liquid
 Shoulder strap/Leash  2cm, 1.5" wide, 4’6" long
 Handle/Collar  2cm, 1.5" wide, 12" long - adjustable to 20"
 Overall Dimensions  Height 9"
Length 13.5"
Width 7.5"
 Shipping Dimensions  Height 9.5"
Length 14"
Width 8.5"
 Shipping Weight Boxed  5.3 LB
 Warranty  Pet Partners Worldwide Limited Lifetime Warranty


Additional information

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 10 in

40 reviews for My Pet Pail® | All in One Travel Dog Bowl | Orange & Black

  1. Leah

    I feed my cat both wet and dry food. This thing is perfect for storage of either. I’m glad the base is so sturdy because my cat likes to flip over her dish.

  2. Candice Hall

    I really like the plastic dishes, they are so easy to clean. Since the bowls are removable for you can choose the perfect size for a small or large dog. VERY satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Robbie Williams

    Had this for a couple months now and use it multiple times a week. One of the best dog products we’ve purchased. We are a little hard on it but no sign of damage yet, very convenient to use. Our dog Ruger is medium sized and the bowls are pretty good size for him. Does have extra containers that can hold water and food for an easy refill. Love this.

  4. Sheila Post

    I love the elevated food bowl, I feel like it helps my kitty so he doesn’t strain her neck so much when eating and drinking. The base is incredibly sturdy and doesn’t slide around so I use it as daily pet food dishes.

  5. Bethany Martin

    Bought this for my dog as we’ve started taking him on more trips with us. Easy to wash after a trip by putting everything in the dishwasher. Super convenient to have, as not all locations we stop at have doggy water fountains. & it has two bowls so you can use one for food & one for water on the go! Very nice to have containers to store more water and food inside as well. My dog and I are extremely happy with this.

  6. Ben Humphreys

    This is perfect! We are taking our little guy on vacation for the first time and wanted something that was easy to carry along. I think we loved having this almost as much as our puppy did. The price is a little high but it is extremely worth it. We would recommend this to all pet lovers and owners.

  7. Kennedy Johnson

    I bought these with my big 90 pound lab in mind. I am always taking her with me to different places– she’s like my shadow! I would normally just take her stationary food and water bowls with me, but often times I would either forget them or simply not want to carry them around due to how much there was to carry. I love how everything is contained in the pet pail, i can just throw the strap over my shoulder. Perfect to just open up and have my big pup eat up.

  8. Rachel Presley

    I bought this thinking it might be handy on the road. Best purchase I ever made! It takes up so little space, easy to pull out to give our doggies water or food at rest stops, easy to clean. These make our road trips so easy! Best buy you’ll ever make.

  9. Blake K.

    This worked really well for me! I like how the dog bowls are held steady by the pail setup. Totally easy to take out the bowls and clean up everything when I get home. I would certainly purchase this petpail thing again, but it’s made like a brick you know what, so it should be around forever unless I lose it on a hike. Really cool product, and it took one day to get here, even with ground shipping so they must have sent it 30 seconds after I ordered.

  10. Nicole Lee

    I was hesitant about getting this because of the price but once I received it I was glad I took a chance. I travel with my dog all the time and this has made my life so much easier. I wish I would’ve found sooner.

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