Twas the week before Christmas and under my tree
My presents were lacking, I could blame only me.

The stockings were thrown by the chimney with haste
My tensions are building, oh boy what a waste.

My pets were all sprawled out all over my floor
While dreaming of playing, they all started to snore.

Papa in his jammies, and I in my sweats
I started shopping online, full of regrets.

I jumped into bed once I emptied my bladder
My tired hubby asked me ‘dear, what’s the matter?’.

Away I ranted about not getting gifts
I look at my hubby, he peacefully drifts.

The darkness of night made my urgency greater
As I frantically searched, it’s just getting later.

When what to my amazed eyes did I spot?
The perfect gift as I felt my stomach unknot.

With one look at this product, my shopping was done
I knew in an instant, My Pet Pail is the one

More hurried than Santa, I added to cart
Shouting out loud, composure falling apart

The colors, convenience of this carryall
I knew I must buy them, I must buy them all

I got one for my brother and one for my mom
Just one month ago, she’d gotten a Pom

From up to the handle and down to the base
Sturdy and stylish, I’d come to the right place

The removable bowl and containers that don’t spill
Collar, leash, utensil, and doggie bags to fill

I grabbed my credit card for the final sale
My hubby came to and asked, ‘what’s a Pet Pail?’

He was frazzled from sleeping, I had to be clear
Can I still place an order, he asked with a cheer?

‘A mint one for Kathy, and blue one for Fred.’
‘Christmas shopping done, I’m going back to bed’

My eyes they did sparkle, the purchases made
I felt happy and eager and no longer frayed

My Pet Pails a winner to bring Christmas cheer
Perfect for travel and throughout the year.

The base stands alone with just one simple snap
The cute pet pail leash even used as a strap

The Pet Pail people kept so much in mind
Knowing pet travel can be a real grind

The containers store water that will not spill out
Extra food can be stored and won’t tumble about

Its dishwasher safe, which is awesome for me
Its so sturdy and strong and BPH free

So many colors it was so hard to choose
I got one of each, now I’m going to snooze

Filled with contentment, knowing I’d chosen the best
These gifts are so perfect, they will shadow the rest

My Pet Pail is perfect, I’m so glad I found it
This year at Christmas, it will be a big hit

As I drifted to sleep with a smile on my face
My Christmas will be merry, I found the right place.

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