Tip 1 – Gear Up

To prepare for your long trip, gear up by taking your pet on shorter excursions beforehand. This is a great way to get your pup used to travel in the car before the big trip! Preparation before traveling with your pet makes for a far less stressful experience for both you, and your pet. Feeding your pet while taking a trip is a huge consideration, and we have the solution for you.

Pro tip: Don’t let your dog hang their head outside the window on a freeway/highway. They could be hit by flying debris and seriously injured.

Tip 2 – Pack with Security

You could grab a gallon jug of water that might spill or a bag of food that your animal could bite into creating a huge mess, and then you could pack up all your dog’s favorite toys, treats, and blankets into one plastic bag that you know will wreak havoc once your pup finds it. OR, you could simply fill up your My Pet Pail, a hassle-free, completely sealable dog travel feeder right as you head out the door and not have to worry about a single drop of water/food getting all over your car.

Pro tip: The My Pet Pail is for both big and small dogs, so if you have a big doggo make sure to remove the top food grade bowls so you’ll have more storage for your always hungry big guy.

Tip 3 – What to Pack

When you travel it’s very important for the pet owner to bring a few things for their pets: travel papers (if you’re crossing the border) updated travel dog tags, get a reusable plastic dog tag that you can fill with your travel information; such as name, phone number, and the address where you will be staying, also bring your dogs medical records along in case of emergency. Now, where do you store all this information? You don’t want to put it in the console of your vehicle because you’ll more than likely forget it in there. Luckily, the My Pet Pail has a removable bottom that has storage for you to put all your papers and information inside. That way, they go where your dog goes and you won’t have to go searching through your car where you already stored a lot of other important documents.

Pro Tip: Even though the My Pet Pail is sealed and will not leak we recommend you put your documents in a gallon plastic bag; because, we can’t control the weather, and water may get into the bottom if you’re not careful enough.

Tip 4 – Use your Storage

If you have a favorite toy that your dog won’t go anywhere without then you’re in luck. You can easily remove one of the 20-ounce bottles from the top of the My Pet Pail and replace it with one of your doggos favorite toys. But what do you do if it doesn’t fit? You can easily shove it under the collar provided for a handle, then tighten the collar to prevent the toy from falling out. Then you just use the leash strap for carrying the My Pet Pail and you’re good to go!

Tip 5 – Safety First

If you take your animal with you in their crate you’ll want to make sure you put their dog bed inside for comfort, you can also place the My Pet Pail inside for an easier transport. Then we recommend you strap your dog in by wrapping a seatbelt around the crate so if there are any abrupt stops your dog won’t be flying around in the back seat.

Pro tip: Purchase a collapsible crate so when you get to your destination it’s easier to store and won’t take up much room.  

To Purchase a My Pet Pail click on the one of our great travel dishes below and see how revolutionary this product is!

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