Hiking with Your Pet

One of the best bonding experiences for a pet owner and pup is spending time secluded in the outdoors! We encourage all dog owners to venture out on a trail and experience a fantastic adventure. Of course, to have a great adventure one must prepare for that adventure. We’re here to share with you our hiking packing list and tips for the most success on the trail!

Packing List

  • Fresh water – Dogs need water just as much as humans do when hiking. Ensure you pack an accurate amount of water by following the rule of thumb, “one ounce of water per pound of body weight for an average day’s hydration, plus a little more for hiking”.
  • Food & Treats – Pack the accurate amount of dog food for your hike using the rule of thumb, “Start with the usual amount of food, then add one cup for every 20 pounds of dog weight”. Make sure to also pack nutritious and energizing treats that are puppy safe. We personally love the Homemade Powerbars recipe from K9 Instinct.
  • Collar & Tags – Use up to date tags on your well-fitted collar to ensure your puppy can be identified in case of an emergency.
  • Leash – Even though many pet owners don’t use leashes when accessing low traffic trails, it is important to ensure one in on hand for unexpected situations!
  • Doggie Bags – Leave nature looking better than how you found it which means always clean up after yourself, dog, and others. The My Pet Pail conveniently features accessible doggy bags for when nature calls on the trail.
  • First Aid Kit – Safety first! Always pack your first aid kit for emergencies. If not for you or others, then for your dog.
  • Sunscreen & Hats – Did you know dogs can sunburn just like humans do? This is an important reason to pack and use sunscreen and hats (yes, doggy hats) to keep your pet comfortable in the sun.


Tips for Success

Tip 1 – Is Everyone Ready?

Always pick a trail that you and your dog are comfortable with and prepare accordingly. This also means consulting your physician and veterinarian prior to hiking to ensure every member is ready for a hike.

Tip 2 – Pack as a Team

You will need to pack your essentials as your puppy will too. Create a packing checklist to ensure that every item is accounted for. You can pack smart by consolidating weight and space. Using a My Pet Pail can allow you to pack what your pet needs all in one place, any extra place can be used to store extra water or food for yourself.

Tip 3 – Leave no Trace

Don’t forget what you strived to accomplish. Live in the moment with your pet but always leave trail better than you found it. Haul out trash, doggie bags, and anything else that doesn’t belong.

Take Action
Now you’re ready for your great adventure! We covered your ideal Puppy Packing List and our top 3 Tips for Hiking Success. Hit the trail with your best friend and always take care of each other. You’ve got this!

Till next time, Pet Lovers 🐶

MacKenzie, My Pet Pail Social Media Guru

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