Training your dog is good for both you and your pet. It establishes communication and expectation between the two of you. The purpose of most “must teach” commands is to help keep your dog safe and build a knowledge of respect and limitations. While it’s fun for you and your dog to learn difficult tricks, let’s first review some of the basics every dog should know.

Teach your dog their name.
It’s so important that your dog knows his or her name. You will at some point need to get their attention or use it to precede other commands. Being able to get your dog’s attention quickly can help to remove them from possible danger. It can also be used to deter your pet from bad behaviors.

Teach your dog to sit.
The sit command is used as an exercise in restraint and patience for your dog. Having your dog sit prior to feedings or in the car will keep him calm and focused. Sit is a great command to utilize if your dog is prone to get over excited by visitors. You dog sitting will give your visitor and your dog time to get acquainted, alleviating the desire to jump up on this new person.

Teach your dog stay.
Staying is important for your dog to learn before they venture out in the world with you. When confronted with new environments a dog is instinctually inclined to explore. This could be dangerous for your dog, or even other animals who don’t like the interaction. Teaching your dog to stay will ensure he remains by your side. If your dog is itchy about getting out, the stay command is a great way to control his actions if the door is opened.

Teach your dog to lay/down.
Besides the lay (or down) command being a stepping block for other entertaining and non-essential tricks, it is also a great tool to calm your dog. Teaching your dog to lay will help to settle him down, this can be especially useful in higher stress situation like when he’s startled by a noise or is acting overly excited.

Teach your dog to come.
Not only is the ability to make your dog come to you on command a useful tool, it also can make playtime better. In an essential matter, like with your pet knowing their name, it helps get their attention to avoid possible hazards. If your dog is too close to the street or the tree line during a trip to the park, command them to come and potential threats are thwarted. This is also a good command to use when your dog fetches something you want them to return with.

Teaching your dog these commands will help him gain awareness and confidence, it’s important that a dog understands your expectations of them. Learning new commands or tricks is an exercise in patience, for the both of you. To make your experience simpler My Pet Pail is a necessity to take with you during pet training. With two spill-proof containers as well as extra storage for treats and toys you’ll have everything you need for a day of training.

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