You may be one of those crazy people who dress up their pets every single day (*points finger accusingly) but during Halloween, it becomes socially acceptable for everyone! Here are My Pet Pail’s top twenty-five pet costumes for 2018. Let’s get freaky!

25. A workout outfit for pets who appreciate fitness and a good 80’s throwback

24. A Hammy Potter outfit for the small.

23. Punny Greyhound “bus”

22. A Viking hat complete with braids for adventurous pups

21. For the pets that just want to rock out!

20. Our favorite hunny lovin’ bear.

19. The hilarious lactose intolerant cat.

18. Fanged furry friend/foe?

17. I like my Martinis dirty.

16. For the unorthodox pet; yee-haw witches.

15. Na na na na na na batdog!

14. Beanie Fur-baby

13. Spider dog spider dog… *sings melodically

12. It’s as easy as stuffing a dog into a pinata…?

11. Pug Pizza; better than pineapple?

10. “Patience you must have” to put this pug in a costume.

9. Ham-bug er…

8. A Dogator costume. Help

7. Dogald Trump; “Make kibble great again.”

6. Chow Chow Chia

5. Chew-bacca *wookie noises

4. Baked Pug-tato

3. Corg-oise

2. Pom Frites

1. Purrfessor

Hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did and can find one to match your pet’s personality. My personal favorites are Pug-tato, The Purrfessor and the dog in the pinata. Yeet.

Photos from: Pinterest, and The Insider Magazine

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