No matter what size of dog you have they all seem to love one thing. Running. Dogs are naturally curious creatures and they love running to and fro finding new things to dig up or play with. But if we’re not careful enough then our pets can get into trouble faster than they can can “ruh-roh” (attempt at a scooby doo pun) Here are a few things we should help our pets avoid:

Snails: They don’t seem like much to us but those disgusting, slimy, buggers are lethal to our furry friends. They can carry a parasite called lungworm. Meaning if a dog were to eat a snail, the larvae would essentially send the parasite to their brains and possibly cause paralysis or death in severe cases.

Getting rid of snails is easier said than done. Snails are homing creatures. Meaning if you throw them far away they’ll still somehow find their way back into your yard. If you’re comfortable with killing them then pouring salt on their skin does the trick. But if you’d like to just be rid of them; spreading coffee grounds around your yard is one of the best mechanisms. (Snail poison can harm your pets just as easily as the lungworm parasite) The coffee is bitter enough that your pooch won’t eat it and snails will stay away for good.

Bee’s, Wasps, Spiders: We’ve all seen the funny photos of doggos with their faces all swollen up, and we can’t help but laugh because they’re so goofy looking. But those of you with a softer side, never fear because as far as we know once the bee stings the pup it will only hurt for a few seconds then go away. Sure their faces will be puffed up but it doesn’t truly hurt them. But be aware, about 1 in 10,000 dogs are severely allergic to bees, and big problems can arise if you don’t get it taken care of properly. Most bee stings will just swell up and then dissolve within a few hours; but if your dogs condition persists or worsens then we suggest you take them to the vet pronto.

Fun Fact: Dogs are able to handle a hundred times the lethal dose of venom from a funnel-web without an issue. So spiders are not an issue.

Licking Paws:Have you ever noticed your dog licking its paws after a day of play? This is from the grass, when they step down they squish the sap out of the blades and between their toes. THis can be quite irritating and causes your pup to lick. To help this problem we suggest you either put out a little pool or help soak your dog’s paws in some water to get rid of the niggling sap.

Other tips include:

  • Putting up a dog friendly fence, you don’t want the spaces to be large enough for your curious puppy to get his/her head stuck.
  • Create a fun water display that your pup can reach/ get in and out of such as a water hole or little fountain.
  • Plant some trees for provided shade, or if you don’t have trees then get shade clothes to prevent your dog from sunburn and dehydration.
  • Know which plants are harmful to your pet, and wither don’t plant them in your yard or make sure they can’t be reached by them.
  • Leave enough space for your fur babies to play. The amount of space needed will depend on your size of dog, but everyone knows; a tired dog is a good dog.
  • Have fun! Get to know your dog and what he/she likes. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The only thing a dog loves more than running is YOU!
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