Springtime is our reward for enduring the harsh winter, but it does come with potential dangers to your pet. Below are some of the common hazards, as well as tips, to make this Spring safe for your pet.

Just like humans, pets can be allergic to pollens and plants. Reactions to these allergens can cause everything from itching to skin irritation and in sever cases, can lead to breathing problems or even death. If you suspect your pet has an allergy, take them to their veterinarian immediately to address the problem.

April showers bring May flower, but those flowers can be poisonous to your pet. Common Springtime plants such as Lilies, Daffodils, Oleander, and Tulips, to name a few, can cause everything from diarrhea and vomiting to irregular heartbeat and even death. It’s extremely important to keep your pets away from toxic plants, if you’re unsure if a plant is poisonous or suspect your pet has been exposed, contact your veterinarian.

With Spring comes sunshine and warmer weather, but also the return of insects and parasites. You’ll want to make sure your protect your pet from ticks, fleas, and parasites by staying proactive. Things such as flee and tick preventatives are especially important in the Spring and Summer months. You’ll also want to make sure your pet is following veterinary recommended heart worm prevention treatments.

Spring is a time for planting gardens and some gardeners use fertilizers and pesticides to keep their plants, vegetables, fruits, and even lawns, looking good. The problem is these fertilizers and pesticides can be hazardous to your pet’s health. Always make sure to store these products in secure, no pet accessible, locations for their safety. It’s also best to limit your pet’s exposure to these chemicals by creating a safe area for them to go outside, especially immediately following application.

Spring is synonymous with cleaning, but your cleaning products can be deadly to your pet. Like with pesticides and fertilizers, make sure to store all cleaning products securely. Avoid exposure to pets by ensuring they’re not present in the room you are cleaning, and that products have completely dried before they are introduced back into the environment.

Warm weather means more time outside with your pet. It’s important that your pet is well trained and follows commands before heading to the park. Even if your pet is well trained, they can still get loose. If you haven’t already, now may be a perfect time for microchipping.

Spring weather means more shedding for your pet. Make sure to step up your brushing routine to help detangle fur as well as reduce shedding. Your pet may also require more frequent baths and they’ll likely be spending more time outside.

Springtime is a perfect time to go on adventures with your pet. If you’re planning an outing, make sure to bring your My Pet Pail. My Pet Pail keeps all of your pets must haves in one place with built in storage, an extra collar and leash, doggie bags, two built in pet bowls, two removable bowls, and two-20 oz. removable spill proof containers. My Pet Pail even comes with a utensil for your canned or raw food.

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