When it comes to your pet, it’s hard to say no to those eyes, but giving in could cost them their health. Many foods and drinks we enjoy and indulge in have potentially fatal effects to your pet. Share your home, time and love with your pet…not your food. We’ve compiled a list top foods to avoid giving your furry friend.

There’s no denying it, chocolate is one of life’s little pleasures, but this sweet treat is incredibly harmful to your pet. Chocolate contains theobromine, a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant. For Humans, theobromine may act as a mild stimulant but is easily digested. For pets, theobromine can build up in their system and even in small amounts can lead to upset stomach and vomiting. Larger amounts of chocolate could have severe effects including arrhythmia, convulsions, internal hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, and even death.

Even a small number of grapes or raisins can have deadly effects for your pet. Although it’s not clear at this time what in grapes causes the toxicity, it has become evident that pets have severely adverse reactions. Ingesting grapes may lead to vomiting, abdominal discomfort, urinary difficulties, and even kidney failure.

Onions in any form; cooked, raw, granulated or powdered, are harmful to your pet. Due to their high reactive oxidant composition, onions are very toxic to your pet. This substance is easily digested by humans, but for pets can be poisonous. Onions can cause tachypnea, vomiting, tachycardia, and even damage your pets red blood cells.

Most people love their daily coffee, tea, or soda, but the caffeine in those drinks can cause severely harmful reactions for your pet. Caffeine consumption by pets can have similar effects as with people, but on a much grander scale. Your pet can experience restlessness, arrythmia, elevated blood pressure, and even seizures.

Many products today use xylitol as a sweetener to substitute for sugar. You’ll primarily find this in gum, baked goods, candy, and diet goods. Xylitol is safe for use by people, in moderate amounts. For your pet, xylitol is toxic. Unlike in humans, xylitol stimulates the release of insulin in pets causing hypoglycemia. Left untreated hypoglycemia may lead to organ damage, failure, and eventually death. Other effects may include vomiting, lethargy, seizures, or clotting problems.

It’s important you control everything your pet consumes; however, they can sometimes get their paws on food they shouldn’t. If you suspect your pet has consumed a food or drink that may be toxic to them call your veterinarian or poison control immediately. Every moment matters when starting treatment to poisons.

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