It’s that time of year again, looking for the right gift for pet owners?

Introducing My Pet Pail: the on-the-go pet bowl for your dogs, cats, and any of your other furry (or not furry!) best friends. Carry food, water, and treats anywhere you go, all in one attractive, easy to carry package. My Pet Pail holds up to 10 cups of food and 60 ounces of water, plus has room for toys and treats, making it perfect for on-the-go pet dish for pet lovers. No longer will you have to deal with carrying around cumbersome bowls or dishes that can prove unruly and messy.

Tired of lugging around bowls, bags, and more, in an effort to bring all the things your pet needs away from home? If so, My Pet Pail has got you covered! My Pet Pail is an over five-in-one product: the handle is an extra collar for your pet, the shoulder strap is an extra leash, the backside has a handy refillable waste bag dispenser, and the inside contains two sealed pet bowls for food and water, as well as space at the top for storage of extra food and water!

From simple trips to the doggy park with your pet, to going on a hiking expeditions in the mountains, a day at the in-laws, taking your pet to the office, My Pet Pail is perfect for all occasions where the hassles of traveling with standard pet dish or water bowls is cumbersome or unsanitary.  Our travel pet dish was designed to be mess free, rugged and ready for any trip with your pet, and don’t forget, it’s the perfect pet feeder for home as well!

My Pet Pail makes an awesome gift for dog lovers, cat lovers, and any and all pet lovers! If you or someone you know likes to take trips with their cat or dog, this is the right dish for the occasion, with the holidays coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself (and your pet) and all the pet lovers on your holiday shopping list.



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