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Does Your Pet Suffer From Allergies?

It’s not uncommon for your pet to have allergies, just as people do. What kind of allergies, the symptoms they produce, and ways to treat them vary from pet to pet. If you suspect your pet may be suffering from allergies, you’ll want to consult your veterinarian to...

My Pet Pail, the only pet dish you’ll ever need

Tired of going through pet dishes that are made of cheap plastic and crack or break too easily? Tired of pet bowls that rust? My Pet Pail is the solution. Besides being the most functional pet travel design, My Pet Pail’s ruggedness is unmatched. With its classically shaped lunch pail design, My Pet Pail is virtually indestructible. Your pet can drag it around, step on it, or even knock it down and it will hold up. My Pet Pail was made by a pet lover for pet lovers. Great care was taken to ensure the pail could hold up to everyday life and boy does it ever! This extremely strong pail can and does endure whatever life throws its way. My Pet Pail is the last pet dish you’ll ever need.

Durability, strength, resilience, these are all terms used to describe My Pet Pail. Don’t let the stylish look and vibrant colors fool you, this thing can take a licking. My Pet Pail was designed for life on the go and all the mishaps we may encounter. As humans, we’re not always perfect; we drop things, knock things over, kick them, and even abuse them…My Pet Pail can take it all. Made of BPA free plastic, the outer shell of the pet pail will safely house all your pet’s supplies. Inside you’ll discover two high quality 18.5 oz removable pet bowls, remove the bowls to reveal two additional 37 oz bowls, spill proof food and water container, a utensil for canned or raw food, and in the back of the pail you’ll find doggie bags ready to tear and use. Find out today why My Pet Pail is preferred by active pet owners as well as for daily in-home use.

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