As you probably saw, we dressed Lola up as a pumpkin top and had a mini photo shoot that was totally IG worthy! Check out how we captured this adorable moment below.

  1. Make the hat – Christine made Lola a pumpkin patch hat from orange, green, and brown felt, hair clips, orange string, a bell, and a marker. Don’t forget to put it all together with hot glue! It was designed to look like the top of a pumpkin that you cut off to carve. To be transparent, Lola HATED the hat and proceeded to take it off every chance she had. There is a ton of instructional videos and articles on Pinterest to give you major inspo!
  2. Carve that pumpkin – Christine proceeded to pick up the biggest pumpkin that she could find and carve out the My Pet Pail logo. She had to print out the desired image in a size big enough to tape to the pumpkin and outline the design with small cuts. In total, it took her almost an hour to complete the project.
  3. Find your model and location – We decided Lola would be our victim of cuteness early on, but we still needed a pumpkin patch. Luckily, we found a perfect one 15 minutes away from the office that still has lots of pumpkins and gourds.
  4. Take your money shot – I used my Canon T6 Rebel to capture these photos, but you can get amazing shots with and without professional equipment. It was hard at times to get Lola to stay still, but treats did the trick to help her with motivation! Make sure you are shooting faster to reduce motion.
  5. Edit and post – In the editing phase, I was able to add warmer tones to our shots. I prefer to use Adobe Lightroom for the best editing experience. We will now be using these shots on our website, newsletter, social media, and everywhere else we can think of because they are so cute!

There is still time to ace a pumpkin patch inspo photo shoot. Get out there and be creative with your fur babies! Happy Halloween!

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