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My Pet Pail Description | Travel Dog Bowl

  • Spill Proof Dog Bowls – My Pet Pail features 2 pairs (4 total) of sealable dog bowls that allow a variety of sized pets to feed comfortably. It is the ultimate travel dog bowl for short and long trips away from home.
  • Dog Food Storage Container – Our product holds up to 10 cups of food and 60 oz. of water, plus room for toys and treats! The lid can hold several cans of pre-packaged or raw food for your dog.
  • Elevated Dog Bowls with Stand – My Pet Pail is the perfect travel companion for your next road trip. Its elevated dog bowl stand makes it spill resistant while you’re on the go. My Pet Pail’s lid is also removable for easy conversion into an at-home elevated dog bowl
  • Bonus Features –A built-in doggy bag dispenser and additional dog collar and leash set (which doubles as a shoulder strap and handle) really take this product the extra mile.
  • Money-back Guarantee – Here at Pet Partners Worldwide we want you to get the high-quality products you deserve. That’s why we offer all our customers a 180-day money-back guarantee on all products.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Here at PET PARTNERS we want you to get the high-quality products you deserve. That’s why we offer our customers a lifetime warranty on all products!

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Technical Specs 

 Heat Resistant  285ºF
 Weight  4Lb 2oz Empty
 Outer Shell  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Rubber Edges  BPA Free TPE
 Interior Shell Upper  BPA Free Food Grade Polypropylene
 Lower Bowls  BPA Free Food Grade Polypropylene
 Removable Bowls  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Bottles and Caps  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Spife and Clips  BPA Free Food Grade ABS with 2yr UV Protection
 Fits up To  10 cups of Food
60 oz of Liquid
 Shoulder strap/Leash  2cm, 1.5" wide, 4’6" long
 Handle/Collar  2cm, 1.5" wide, 12" long - adjustable to 20"
 Overall Dimensions  Height 9"
Length 13.5"
Width 7.5"
 Shipping Dimensions  Height 9.5"
Length 14"
Width 8.5"
 Shipping Weight Boxed  5.3 LB
 Warranty  Pet Partners Worldwide Limited Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 10 in

37 reviews for My Pet Pail® | All in One Travel Dog Bowl | Green & Black

  1. Debbie G.

    Wow, really cool. Great Dog Bowl set because my pug seems to want to murder his bowls now and he was constantly going nuts and making a huge everywhere in the house and on the go. This cured that right away! He still try his tricks with this dish but it stays stubbornly put because it’s heavier and has a non skid bottom. Next Christmas I know what gift to get my pet loving pals.

  2. John Aaron

    We love, love this dog bowl contraption.

    We do love it, did I mention that? It looks nice and it keeps my messy eater from creating complete anarchy with his food/water. Zues would push his bowls all over the house while he was eating and that is now over. The bowls are deep and easily hold enough food for him. Bowls pop out of the pail easily to be filled and cleaned but cannot be tipped over or bashed about. As far as traveling with my dog, this has been a breeze. No muss, no fuss, really easy decision to recommend this product to others.

  3. Jim F.

    This is a quality product and value for the price. I thought the bowls might be too small for my 50 lb lab but they are deep and hold as much water and food as needed, and with plenty of room for her to drink and eat for a day out. I like the rubber feet, no sliding around the floor and everything is self contained and need. Appeals to the OCD in me.

  4. Terrie S.

    Perfect size for a smaller dog with little man syndrome. And I absolutely LOVE the pet pail. Really awesome for travel with our dog. And at home too, our dog bowls get bumped at times and this really saves the floor from spilled water and a messy eating neurotic dog. Soooooo satisfied with my purchase! Shipped fast, and got at an insane discount, this thing looks like it will last forever too, sturdy and well made.

  5. Ben

    When I first ordered the petpail, I was ready to be underwhelmed. It was inexpensive, so I took a shot, expecting something I’d like a week or two, then stuff in a closet. I was very, very wrong. Very high quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to making a great product. I highly recommend for anyone who travels with their pets. Use it constantly.

  6. Ktmay

    Just as pictured! Love, love, love this travel doggy dish!!!!!

  7. Danny

    Honestly, the design of this product just makes a ton of sense. If you own dogs, especially young ones, you know they’re messy and clumsy. This product is great for a bunch of reasons: the bowls can’t be knocked over, it’s portable, rugged, and easy to clean. I wish the bowls were a little bigger, but definitely not small I suppose, and if you have a larger breed dog you may want to consider that, but all in all I’m really loving this pet pail.

  8. Heather V.

    Perfect size for my big goldendoodle to eat his dog food when we’re out. Great price. Well made. Quick shipping. Absolutely no complaints! Thanks!

  9. Grace Williams

    easy to grab and go.I use them for my 86lb German Shepherd/Lab/Weimaraner. I keep it in my car right now since my dog and I spend a lot of time traveling and bring it inside to refill everything. I usually only take them out for outdoor training sessions, lodging, and hiking. But I love this pet food container and it works great for my needs!

  10. Louisa

    This is my second pet pail, mind you I ordered this one for second dog. Both are Amazing!! I use my pet pail to store the food, water, toys, meds, treats etc that need to fit. The container look amazing and hold together incredibly well! Highly recommend!!

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