Does your dog want a dog?
Does your dog get along with other dogs? When you meet other dogs on your walks or hikes is your dog happy to make new friends? Does your dog seem lonely? If your dog is mourning another pet’s loss, getting a second dog may be a good way for them to heal. If you were just in two dog living situation and are looking to provide your pet with a new companion, your dog may benefit immensely.

What is the age of your current dog?
Senior dogs and puppies may not be a good mix. May sure you take an honest evaluation of your current dogs needs and habits before making the commitment of a second dog. You may want to get a second dog because you don’t want to be without a dog. The longer you 2 Dogshave your dog, you may think more about the future and the hole left by the loss of a pet. Having two dogs may ease that pain to a degree.

Consider your current dog’s training and behavior.
Your new dog will be sure to pick up any bad behaviors your resident dog has. If your dog isn’t trained properly, you’re just going to be setting up a second dog for possible failure. If your dog’s behavior is awful getting a second dog isn’t going to make it better. It’s best to work on any behavior problems before introducing a new dog to your environment.

Can I afford it?
Can you afford a second dog? You have to remember that everything will be doubled now. Veterinary costs, food, treats, toys, and grooming costs will get quite expensive with two dogs. Double the dogs is double the responsibility, and being prepared for any illness or accident that may happen. It’s always important to assess your finances before making a commitment to another dog.

Do I have the space?
Can you accommodate a second dog? Does your home or apartment allow enough space for a second dog? Two dogs together will play and rough house, so be prepared. If you live in already tight quarters, it may not be an ideal situation. If you like peace and quiet, you likely won’t find it with two dogs around.

Can I give time and commitment?
Make sure you have enough time to spend with both your dogs. They don’t take care of each other; in fact, you will be spending far more time walking and playing. You have to make sure to take the time to help this new relationship work too. At first, one or both dogs may have strong independent personalities, it’s important to encourage them to bond.

Does everyone agree with this decision?
Is everyone in the house on board? Having two dogs can be a lot of work, and requires everyone in the household chipping in. If anyone in the house doesn’t want another dog, it’s best to wait.

Having a second dog can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and the dogs. If you travel with your pets, don’t forget to bring My Pet Pail along. My Pet Pail has two stationary, as well as two removable dog bowls, so it’s perfect for multiple pets. You can even bring along extra food and water in the two spill-proof containers! If you have one pet, or two, My Pet Pail is for you.

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